Posted in April 2012

Dear Beyonce…

I’m pretty much a fan of anything Beyonce does, but the other day when I was rocking out to Pandora, one of her old songs, “Cater 2 U” (her dumb spelling, not mine), came on and I kinda wanted to kick her. The song is all about women caring for their men to the extent … Continue reading

My Baggage is Getting Heavy.

For all intents and purposes of this post, I have a sister. And yesterday she really pissed me off. Actually, that’s not altogether true; she pretty much broke my heart into a million little pieces. But because it’s easier for me to deal with, my initial reaction is always anger. That’s just how I roll. … Continue reading

The Second Coming of Puberty

I remember going to a “special” class with my Girl Scout troop and our moms. The class focused on the intimate details that, for most of us, had yet to arrive. Details like under arm hair and other…stuff. I don’t remember much of the class as I think my brain did me a solid and … Continue reading

My Family is Trying to Kill Me

My husband, who is a math teacher and a baseball coach, has been on spring break for the last few days. The anticipation I worked up in honor of his break made me giddy: he would be home to help with morning chaos and the kids’ bath time and maybe–just maybe–I could sleep in. All … Continue reading

Pinterest is Ruining My Life

Fast and easy recipes, faster and easier exercises, immaculate homes scrubbed down with all-natural cleansers, long, flowing hair that takes only six seconds to achieve–I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE! I ignored the initial buzz about Pinterest and actually rejected the first few invitations I received, beckoning me to the world of creative crafts and … Continue reading