Posted in May 2012

Birth Story: Ethan

In honor of his birthday, I’m publishing Mr. Ethan’s birth story today. He doesn’t remember a thing about this day 4 years ago, but his Mom sure does! Thanks for sharing, Trish, and a happy, happy birthday to your big guy! __________________________________________________________________________________ Friday was set to be my last day of school. I worked really … Continue reading


Earlier this afternoon, Brady refused to nap. He was exhausted from a busy morning of playing outside, a 6-block walk to the park, and the 85 degree day helped to sap the last ounce of energy from his little body. Yet, he would. Not. Sleep. During Intervention #1, when I went into his room to … Continue reading

Birth Story: Camryn

Thank you, Jess, for sharing all of the intimate (and hilarious!) details of Cam’s birth! We Moms can definitely relate to the “airplane pads!” ______________________________________________________________________ I have been replaying the day I went into labor with my first child over and over again and trying to find the perfect words and how to write it … Continue reading

Birth Story: Presley

Thank you to amazing Mama, Shauna, for sharing her experience! I love Shauna’s sense of humor and the fact that she let nothing stand in the way of getting what she wanted: a beautiful, healthy baby! Happy Friday, everyone 🙂 _________________________________________________________________________   All of my life I dreamt of having a large family. I have … Continue reading

Birth Story: Brady

I am thrilled at the response I’ve received in such a short amount of time about the birth stories series! So many amazing women have already contacted me about wanting to share and some have already sent their stories! Whoo hoo! I’ll get the ball rolling by sharing my experience with my son, Brady. ___________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

How to Write a Rap Song: A Gift for Bad Muthas

I received sloppy kisses and a gift certificate for a day of pampering at the spa from my kids and husband, respectively, this morning. I opened adorable crayon-scribbled cards with kind, loving words that reached from the pages and tugged at my heartstrings. I stood in church with the other mothers in recognition and appreciation … Continue reading


Even before she was born, I knew I wanted my daughter’s middle name to be Faith. Faith is a pretty name, but it is so much more than a moniker to me; it’s what I had in my heart when I endeavored to deliver Ella via VBAC  (vaginal birth after caesarean section. P.S. if the … Continue reading

Do’s & Don’t’s for Post-Baby Romance

A baby brings about life-changing…changes. (I’ve had some wine tonight; I’m not bringing my A-game. You’ve been warned). This is obvious to anyone who has brought that 3-day bundle of joy home or whose social life has been curbed in an effort to maintain the immeasurable importance of The Bedtime Routine. Think: the party starts … Continue reading