Birth Story: Ethan

In honor of his birthday, I’m publishing Mr. Ethan’s birth story today. He doesn’t remember a thing about this day 4 years ago, but his Mom sure does! Thanks for sharing, Trish, and a happy, happy birthday to your big guy!


Friday was set to be my last day of school. I worked really hard all week getting my grades situated and my room in order for my sub. Thursday, I started having really bad Braxton Hicks contractions all day long. The doctor was not worried because they weren’t consistent and didn’t get more intense. Same thing with Friday. I had been telling the kids all week that as long as I made it through the day on Friday, I didn’t care when the baby came, even if it was 3:05 on Friday afternoon. I wasn’t too far off…

I got home, and AJ and I got into comfy clothes to watch tv and nap, as we usually do on Fridays. I laid on the couch for about 10 minutes when I felt a gush…yep, water broke! Since the baby was not head down, there was nothing to cork it so it just felt like it would never end! I panicked and cried b/c it was such a surprise, but AJ was so calm. We called the doctor, I rinsed off in the shower, AJ got our bags in the car, and off we went. Immediately, contractions started. Everyone kept telling me that I would know the difference between the braxton hicks and the real things, and they were right. I was not prepared for that level of pain! They were about 4 minutes apart at first. We had to get to West Penn from Cranberry (normally a 25 minute drive) during rush hour traffic. Needless to say, we were worried. AJ drove like a champ and got us there in about a half an hour. By that time, water was still coming out and the contractions were every 2 minutes. We got to the ER, and they were not moving fast enough for me. I got my stuff filled out, and they told me to wait and someone would come for me. Finally, I yelled “Listen, the baby is coming out and is breech. I don’t have time for this” … along with some other very sweet words… so the ER admittance guy grabbed a wheelchair and took me up.

Thought you would appreciate this, Trish… 😉

I got in there, having contractions every minute apart. They checked me and I was 6 cm dilated, so they really started to hurry. Of course, I didn’t feel they were moving fast enough and I started having a fit. I was just screaming through the contractions. You women who have had vaginal deliveries are nuts! AJ said it was only a matter of 20 minutes by the time I got taken to the OR, and that 20 minutes was way too long for me. The pain was unreal. I got taken to the OR by myself and got the spinal. It really helped calm me down. They strapped me in, put the curtain up, and I started to panic. I have never been in the hospital before, and laying there by myself just freaked me out. I was so scared b/c it happened so fast and I just wanted to get the baby out and see that he was ok.
Then, AJ came in and sat with me. He looked so cute in his scrubs! Of course, he was very calm and before I knew it, I could feel the pressure on my belly and knew they were getting the baby. Within minutes, the doctor said AJ should come have a look at his son! I was so jealous that I couldn’t see, but AJ stood up and said he was perfect but looked really gross and I wouldn’t want to see him yet anyway 🙂 Then, AJ went over and got him and brought him to me – talk about a ton of emotions all at once! We were in between a few names, and AJ took one look at him and said “He’s an Ethan.” He was right – Ethan Phillip came out so completely perfect looking – we were both just in awe! It is really a moment I will never forget. It is just amazing that this little person was in my belly!
He was 6 lbs 7 oz, 17.5 in and born at 6:28. He was completely healthy and very strong already!

We had a great stay in the hospital. Friday, we kept Ethan with us and he was great all night. I was still pretty numb from the surgery and was not allowed out of bed or to eat until morning. Saturday, AJ’s parents came back around 10, and we finally got moved to our real room. There were a ton of births there so a few of us had to wait in triage rooms until people checked out. Anyway, my first attempt at getting out of bed was rough. Crazy pain. But, it got easier and drugs help 🙂 My mom came a little while later and I managed a shower and put on my own clothes. AJ and I were very tired so we sent Ethan to the nursery that evening and got lots of sleep. When the doctor brought Ethan in on Sunday morning, I started crying – I missed him! And, the after pregnancy hormones didn’t help! But we had a wonderful morning with just the three of us. AJ and I just sat in the bed holding him and couldn’t take our eyes off of him!

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