Posted in June 2012

Birth Story: Logan

Thank you to my friend Kristi, mother of THREE boys (bless her heart!), for sharing her first birth story. The other two are on their way! __________________________________________________________________________ Did you ever hear a woman say “he was two weeks late?” and feel bad for her?? Do you remember your last weeks of pregnancy; waiting with great … Continue reading

The Things She Carried

In the wake of any relationship’s conclusion,  via break-up or death, we carry pieces of the person with us long after their face fades from sight. Musical triggers constantly invite me to revisit my first date or my Grandmother’s funeral. For others, a scent, place, or even color can transport them back in time. It’s … Continue reading

Birth Story: Andrew

Rebecca’s story is inspiring on so many levels: she stayed calm when others would have panicked; she rolled with the punches when she had to deliver her first baby early; and she remained grateful and faithful through it all. Her little guy didn’t come into the world how or when she expected, but, as mothers … Continue reading


Love. If you’re a parent, you have to subscribe to Honest Toddler. This kiddo (and perhaps her Mom?) tells it like it is. If you’ve recently given birth, may I suggest reading this whilst on the toilet, as you will laugh until you leak. You’ve been warned…

Karma Chameleon

The minute I hit “publish” on my last post, which was admittedly seething with Debbie Downerisms, I was bothered by it. I’m not really a negative person (PROOF: this sign hangs in our foyer!): and I am ashamed that I allowed a small group of people and incidents to have such an impact on me. … Continue reading

To Whom It May Concern

This is (a terrible picture of) my daughter’s bib: The bib is funny because it’s so appropriate for her, but it’s only funny because she’s a toddler. When I took it out of the washing machine this morning, I couldn’t help but think of all of the adults I know who could fittingly rock this … Continue reading


Today was a perfect reminder of why I named my blog Really?! I took the kids to see Zach at work and almost immediately regretted it. Normally I regret public appearances because a kid has soiled him/herself and the stench is unbearable. Other times it’s because I forgot to tweeze my uni-brow and at the … Continue reading

Birth Stories: Emma & Lily

Big sis Emma turns 3 today, so it’s the perfect day to share how she came into the world! Her birth story is followed by her little sister, Lily’s. Lily really threw her mom (and a few police officers!) for a loop, but it’s one of my favorite birth stories EVER! And how cool is … Continue reading