Posted in July 2012

Dear Husband…

Our 6-year wedding anniversary is just around the corner and I have a few things I want to tell you before we hit yet another milestone as husband and wife. You work so hard. I complain that you’re never home and it’s not because I don’t appreciate what you do for us; it’s because I … Continue reading

Public Service Announcement

Divorce. Drugs. Violence. Television. Video games. Sex. Rap music. These are factors that “the experts” have contributed to the decline of our youth. As a high school teacher, I can confirm that rap music is definitely at fault for some ridiculous fashion statements. Seriously kids, pull up your damn pants. But to say that it … Continue reading

Husband & Wife Showdown

My handsome husband and I are sometimes like apples and oranges, fire and water, yin and yang. This is never more evident than when preparing for a major occasion such as leaving for vacation, hosting a party, or anything else that requires more than 5 minutes of organization and preparation. This is also stressful. Very, … Continue reading


I don’t do well with numbers. For many years, I swore I was dyslexic mostly just to mask how ridiculously awful I am at math. The other day I bought a coffee and the smart ass clerk rung me up at “103 pennies.” I started to sweat. Yes, that’s how bad it is. (I blushed for … Continue reading

Let’s Get Nuts

I find it very amusing (so much so that I giggle to myself on the regular) how drastically life has changed since I popped out 2 kids. I anticipated feeling “changed” after I got married, but nope, nothing. Except for my last name and the feeling of obligation to give the hubby a heads up … Continue reading