Posted in August 2012

I’m Having an Affair

I couldn’t help myself. I certainly didn’t intend to stray; I wasn’t looking for something better, more attractive, or exciting. The situation just kind of…arose. (See what I did there? An overtly sexual pun?) The strangest part of the whole thing is that my husband is well aware of what’s going on and he hasn’t … Continue reading

Dear Todd Akin

Representative Akin, The fact that the title “Representative” precedes your name means that it is your job to be the voice of many. Hopefully not too many because if there are legions of others who have similar thoughts and values as yours, I’m moving my crew to the Netherlands and stat. Despite the obvious fact that you … Continue reading

How to REALLY Raise Your Kids.

Despite the multitude of “How to Raise Your Child” lists we have all come across in our Pinteresting endeavors, it’s evident that the parents who should be reading them are not. I don’t mean to sound judgmental, but if people this DUMB insist on procreating, then we’re all screwed. Please do take a moment to let the emphatic idiocy of … Continue reading

Hungry, Anyone?

I took a short hiatus from blogging not by choice, but by necessity. Why? The Family Vacation. Five adults + two kids = renting a van so big that the elderly automatically assume we are kidnappers, but hey, it gets us (and all of our crap) where we are going. Once there, it became instantly … Continue reading