Posted in September 2012

Mama Knows Best

If you’ve been following my craziness for a while, you know my son is going to preschool for the first time this year. The first day wasn’t necessarily a cake walk, but I thought it would get easier. WRONG! Brady bawled the first day; the second day he bawled just the same. He couldn’t get into my … Continue reading

A House Divided

I do not consider myself politically-inclined by any means. I probably know more about math than I do politics, so please understand that the following information is nothing more than opinion. But because I live in the good ‘ole US of A, I am entitled to write about said opinion and you are entitled to … Continue reading

Pre-School, Day 1

I had to write about this because so many of you parents can relate. Also, I’m hoping a sense of humor can sustain the entire human race, not to mention those of us who had to send our perfect little angels off to school for the first time. *Sob* Part I: The Drop Off Despite … Continue reading

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

I was in our family fitness center basement tonight, preparing an old chalkboard for Pinterest-inspired-first-day-of-school-photo-opp goodness when I saw it: my first true love’s smiling face. No, he didn’t creep into my house and chill in the shadows, nor am I really having an affair, despite what my last post suggested. It was a picture. … Continue reading