A House Divided

I do not consider myself politically-inclined by any means. I probably know more about math than I do politics, so please understand that the following information is nothing more than opinion. But because I live in the good ‘ole US of A, I am entitled to write about said opinion and you are entitled to ignore it. Everyone wins.

Most of my family consists of registered or voting Republicans. I have been among them in the past few elections, mostly because our economy has been in the crapper and, quite frankly, I’m really over giving my paycheck to those who refuse to work for one of their own. (I’m envisioning huge applause right here. I’ll give you a minute).

These last few months, though, I’ve been torn. “Republicans” are pretty much knifing at the heart of education, namely public schools and facilities. While I understand and appreciate freedom of choice and market, I feel like the way it’s being done, especially in my state of Pennsylvania, is not helping, but hurting, our students.

“Republicans” are also pretty adamant about closing our borders, and after 9/11, I was totally fine with that because I lived in fear. But then I emerged from that tragedy, as many did, with an open mind and heart because what makes our country great are the differences in each of us, and accepting those differences is what brings people together.

I’ve heard many experts say that this year’s election won’t be won based on social issues, but economic ones. I personally feel that if homosexuals were allowed to marry, the gays’ wedding registries would solve our economic problems, and again, everyone wins. Maybe I should run for president. I’d vote for me.

But I digress.

I’ve been doing some research; turns out that the majority of our country’s wealth and economic growth occurred when our borders were pretty much wide open. We were getting the best of the best to come to our country and invent, explore, and improve things. We were leaders because we didn’t limit ourselves. Yeah, I know it came with a price: drugs, violence, etc. It all came from immigrants, right? (Insert sarcasm here and recall I admitted I know very little about politics). If you’re interested, check out Brink Lindsey’s The Age of Abundance: How Prosperity Transformed America’s Politics and Culture. Then we can start a book club! Oh, how fun!!!

Anyway, did you hear/see Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC? Goodness gracious was it phenomenal. She was real. I don’t think Mitt Romney even knows what that word means. And I think his face is made of plastic. Again, I digress.


I would be lying if I said I didn’t also love her fashion sense…and her arms are bad ass.

Real talk: I don’t like that the government is mandating what schools can serve for lunch. Mind ya bidness. If I want to house 3 pieces of pizza, a large fry, and wash it all down with Pepsi, I should be able to. But when I’m 500+ pounds and in poor health, no one else should have to pay my medical bills. However, I’m loving First Lady Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. She’s leading by example (and fabulous arms–grrrrl lookin’ good!), and she’s teaching kids how to be healthy. Education is the best weapon of defense.

Real talk: President Obama is requiring all of us to purchase health care which, on one hand, makes sense because then everyone is responsible for him/herself; but on the other, it’s MY money! I should be able to do what I want with whatever I have left after taxes…right, Senator Romney?? I think this is why many people in my family are calling Obama a communist; because he’s dictating how we spend our money. Speaking of communism…

Real talk: I detest that most Republicans don’t want to allow people to marry who they love, but do want to make rules about what another person can do to her body. They also believe they should be able to hand-pick those who can live in our country. Arrogant, out of touch, dangerous ideas.

Real talk: I don’t think anyone who casts a vote (by the way, if you don’t vote, you don’t get to discuss these issues or complain about them, so shut your piehole), is 100% satisfied with his/her political party. We all must compromise something. Free market or freewill? Equality or economics? I don’t know if one candidate has all of the answers, and that is why I am proposing a political party buffet from where we pile on a bit of everything we like and build our own custom candidate. Everything else comes with the option to customize and personalize, why not our President? And once this candidate is built, I shall call her She-ra: Princess of Politics and we will all live happily ever after.

Until then, I’m the lone undecided in my family. It’s kinda lonely, but at least it’s quiet.

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