It’s Been a Log Week

Remember when I warned you that if and when my little guy made friends with the toilet, you would all hear about it? Well, today is the day!

Not only did my man tell his preschool teacher that he had to pee, he actually did the deed while at school!! To celebrate, he wanted to practice his putting with Dad. Because we’re having unseasonably warm weather this October, his request was granted:

As if that’s not exciting enough (I know you’re all on the edge of your seats right now. If you need to grab some Gatorade, I’ll wait)……….

After mooching dinner off of my parents tonight, I was helping clean up in the kitchen when I heard Brady’s footsteps running toward me. I thought for sure he just wanted to explain how Ella ended up falling off the couch (again), but instead, my little blonde angel declared, “I HAVE TO POOP!”

My mom and I dropped our dish towels and the kid dropped his drawers, and just in time, too. I was so proud! I fought the urge to cry, and then to vomit because my head was nose-level to his crotch. When my mom insisted that everyone else come bear witness to the kid’s first toilet poo (we are foul), Brady jumped off of the pot to get a better look at his work: “WHOA! That’s the size of a log!” Out of the mouths of babes…

We’ve been keeping track of the boy’s potty endeavors with a chart that came in an Elmo book about making deposits in the correct bank, if you get my drift. At first, I thought it was a cruel joke that the chart only included 2 weeks worth of training (had you asked me yesterday, I would have estimated we needed at least 3 months), but after today’s progress, I’m feeling good. Not we’re-going-in-public-in-his-big-boy-underwear good, but I may allow him to again wear pants while in the house. Baby steps, people.

I will now leave you with the same disclaimer I shared with my Facebook friends: if you feel the need to delete me from your life based on the inordinate amount of time I spend discussing bathroom behavior and bodily functions, I completely understand.

3 thoughts on “It’s Been a Log Week

  1. Wahoo! I’m still waiting on that day with my little A. Her pediatrician today didn’t seem bothered by A.’s lack of interest in the potty, so I will take it day by day! Keep at it, it sounds like he’s on a roll!

    • I was ready long before my son was; I think the ticket is to be patient and really wait until the little ones have made up their mind that they’re on board. I tried once before with Brady and he ended up holding everything in for a few days, complaining of a tummy ache, and I felt AWFUL. Good luck to you!!!!

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