7 Reasons I Love November

1. It’s officially cold enough to switch from daily to monthly weekly leg shavings.

2. Turkey. Stuffing. Sweet potatoes. And explaining to the kids how massacring a group of innocent people is a cause for celebration. Let’s eat!


3. Black Friday shopping. Oh hell to the no I don’t participate! I just can’t wait for the hot messes who do to be featured on the evening news for dropping a shoulder and mowing over a 74-year-old to get the last Tickle Me Elmo. Ah-mazing.

4. My birthday. My husband’s birthday. Two great excuses to snag a babysitter.

5. It’s socially acceptable to break out the Christmas decorations. I prefer to celebrate my holidays in order, but hey–to each her own.

6. There’s a November Facebook initiative where everyone is supposed to post something they’re thankful for every day. It’s a nice break from the normal “FML” or “Obama is ruining this country” posts. Even though you’ll undoubtedly still see some of the emo stuff, chances are good it’ll be sprinkled with just a bit more optimism.

7. Movember. Lots of self-respecting men sport ri-donk-ulous facial hair for a really good cause. Most of them look like porn stars and I giggle a lot.

6 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Love November

  1. I am missing the change in seasons so much! It’s nice to have warm weather year round, but the holidays never feel right. I’m with you on celebrating them in order without meshing one with another, and I never understood Black Friday! 🙂

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