What Happened Was…

My first teaching gig began in 2003. I was barely 23 and some of the students I had in class were 19… It was difficult at first, but I let those “kids” know who was boss and things quickly fell into place. (Full disclosure: when I say I let them know who was boss, that means I cried my eyes out every day after work for approximately three months, bawling that “THEY HATE ME!”.) But, yeah, after that, I was one bad biatch.

It’s true kids will say the darndest things, and these teenagers were no different. They had the BEST excuses for not doing their homework, forgetting to read their novel, and for not coming to school. But one thing was consistent in the plethora of their BS: they always prefaced it with, “Well, what happened was…” That line was a staple in Student Vocabulary, and I thought of it each time I tried to sit down and blog this past week. You see, what happened was…

1. My daughter’s diaper exploded during a nap. This resulted in unexpected amounts of laundry and bath time.

2. My daughter’s stomach exploded during a nap. This resulted in unexpected amounts of laundry and bath time. And really tested my gag reflex.

3. My son’s underwear exploded. This resulted…

You get the point. I wanted to write, I really did. And I want to write now, this very second, but the dog just exploded all over the play room floor.



13 thoughts on “What Happened Was…

  1. Will the poopy diaper stage ever end? I seriously have my doubts and bouts with my son’s “explosions” as well. At least, our kids are regular. Not likely that any of them are suffering from constipation.

  2. Oh no! Sick kids are the worst, both annoying and sad. I have a sick one today, but only his nose is exploding. Much preferred to the other problem. Hope they’re feeling better now.

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