Man Makeover

Christmastime is magical for many reasons; one of which is the holiday break from work. In what little spare time said break actually afforded, I’ve tried to upgrade and personalize my blog. You like?!

I’ve also been thinking about how to upgrade and personalize other aspects of my life, namely the toy room because DANG were people generous to my kids this year! Also on my upgrade list: men. The following list isn’t only for Mr. WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion; it’s for your guy, too. I’m sure he won’t mind you printing this out and pasting it to his steering wheel. There’s a lot of time to think on the way to work, why not mull over the ways in which one can improve himself for the sake of making his wife happy?

1. Help. Rather than step over the 4,602 Matchbox cars a half a dozen times, the last of which results in a rant about how “this place is a mess!”, feel free to put them away.

2. Listen. When your eyes glaze over halfway through the conversation, and I can slip in a “by the way, I’m pregnant” without you realizing it, you are NOT listening.


3. Shush. Complaining (loudly) about the long post-Christmas lines will not make them shorter. Also, commenting (even louder) about how the store in which I am shopping is tailored to 17-year-olds makes me feel old and that ain’t cool.

4. Stop. Before you throw more onions on your kielbasa or have that second helping of beans, stop and think of others.

5. Share. Share the covers, the remote, the poop-bottom wiping duties.

Have all of the male readers left me yet? Don’t be so sensitive, guys! If you have any suggestions about what we ladies can do to make your life a little better, let us know in the comments. I’m assuming the list is short, so it won’t take much of your time.

8 thoughts on “Man Makeover

  1. Talk about a blogalicious makeover. It looks super fresh! The pot & pan background is so fitting for us mommies. And about the list, you already know how I feel about kielbasa. My hubbie happens to devour anything I cook. Not because I’m necessarily the best cook but because he is STARVING!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! It’s still under construction a bit; I can’t decide on the colors I like or the theme. I’m a little OCD about this sort of thing!! I feel like I should send you and yours a crockpot full of ‘basa and ‘kraut for the New Year πŸ˜‰

  3. Love it. New Year’s Resolutions for other people in our lives. (Fun Tweet theme or blog hop theme for next year, btw. My gift to you.) This one’s my favourite: “Listen. When your eyes glaze over halfway through the conversation, and I can slip in a β€œby the way, I’m pregnant” without you realizing it, you are NOT listening.” And so I need to know: did you really say this? And are you?

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