Fly on the Wall

When the lovely Karen over at Baking in a Tornado invited me to participate in her Fly on the Wall series, I was pumped! As you well know, I’m an oversharer by nature, so I knew this would be FUN! Unfortunately, the flu hit us hard (I swear we’ve been sick since Christmas), and I didn’t have a chance to compile the little glimpses of our day that represent us as a family. I actually emailed poor Karen to let her know that I wouldn’t be able to play along this month, and then something miraculous happened: the kids went to bed early, the husband found a re-run of The Sopranos and there I was with, wait for it, free time. I tried to highlight some of the more memorable episodes in my house, and I hope you enjoy them!

Boy: Did you know when I pull on my peeper it gets longer?!
Me: Ummmm…
Boy: LOOK!
Me: Bedtime. Now.


My husband has been sick with the flu, and was quietly watching television when he yelled out: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! I looked up to see the latest American Idol judge, Nicki Minaj. “She looks like that freak Dirt Girl, half person, half cartoon.”


Dad: Do you want to lie down for a little bit?
Boy: Nope. I’m fresh as a daisy!
Dad: Fresh as a daisy?! Where did you hear that?
Boy: Daisy.
Dad: Yeah, but who told you that?
Boy: Daisy.
Dad: But WHO–

Our version of Who’s on First?


Dad: It was a duck.
Dad: It was mom.
Boy: Oh, it probably was mom.


My gal was so sick one night that I didn’t want to leave her alone. There’s a twin bed in her room, so we snuggled up together and every few minutes made a grab for the trash can. I was absolutely exhausted because her brother had me up the night before and honestly, I had been looking forward to turning in early, but her belly had other plans. As we lay there, her heavy eyes kept opening to catch a glimpse to make sure that I was still there. I assured her, “Mama’s here,” and she would whisper, “Tank ewww,” which means “Thank you” in Ella-ese.


Me: Where is Ella?
Husband: In the bathroom.
Note to self: buy a lock for the toilet.


Each night before we go to bed, the kids and I talk about our day. My son doesn’t allow me to leave out one detail (don’t forget we brushed our teef!), and when I ask him what his favorite part of the day was, he always recalls time he’s spent with me, his grandma, or another person, not toys or things. It’s moments like those that I think I might be doing an okay job at this parenting thing.


I recently renewed my license and as I was obsessing over what four years had done, fuller face, not-so shiny hair, etc., my son said, “Mom, you look really pretty in your new picture.” Perfect timing, buddy.


Our master plan was to have kids close in age, and when our son was barely 1, we got pregnant with our daughter. The first six months she was here, I was pretty sure I was going to commit myself. Suddenly one day, things just got easier. Now today, when we see the kids playing together, building a Lego tower together, or sitting at their little table together, my heart feels so full of love it could burst. And then I want more kids. And then I think about committing myself again.


Feel free to buzz around these other homes to see what goes in behind their closed doors. Apologies, but I was too lazy to link each one; you’ll have to cut and paste them into your browser. Lay off, we’re recovering from an epidemic ’round these parts!

24 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall

  1. Funny stuff! I especially like the Daisy one. That jogged my memory-I remember having a similar conversation with my daughter but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was about, but I remember my mother saying “Who’s on first!” HA HA. This is what happens when I don’t write it down quickly, it’s gone.

  2. I have twins (they are 8…boy/girl) so I know what you mean. I hate that, sometimes, my 3 year old seems left out because of the age difference. Your family is so cute! Loved being a fly on the wall and glad y’all are getting better.

  3. First of all, I can’t believe you actually did this with all that’s going on in your home. Second, you didn’t just do it, you did the hell out of it. It’s funny and sweet and funny and charming and funny. So glad your kids went to bed early, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this!

  4. Oh my gosh you would think that by now I’d not know not to read your posts and drink coffee at the same time. I nearly destroyed my keyboard I laughed so hard! Hope the whole family gets well soon. Sending you all some sunshine.

    • You’re not crazy. You’re way too filled with love and chaos and laughter and stress to fit crazy anywhere in there 🙂 Thanks for the info, though; I’ve actually been seeking out parents with 3+ kids to talk me through this decision! HA!

  5. What an absolutely lovely post to read, I was in such a foul mood (for no reason, just because) and then this was in my inbox. It made me feel warm and fuzzy, awwwwwww 🙂
    Sometimes I think I’d like more children, I had a son from my previous marriage and then I had three kids with my new (and improved) husband born in the space of four years. Then I remind myself, I also had my first 10am lie in this Christmas since 2002. Sleep is currently winning!

    • I’m sorry to hear you were having a craptastic day, but I’m patting myself on the back for cheering you up 🙂

      You have FOUR kids and you SLEEP?! I’d say your uterus has done its job. Happy weekend to you, the new and improved hubs, and all four kiddos!!!

      • You sincerely did cheer me up 🙂
        I sleep now… for the first time since 2002. It’s taken over ten years. Yes you’re right, I’ve inflicted enough crazy offspring on the world, at least one of them have a chance of taking over the world on my behalf, right?
        You and yours have a wonderful one too, whatever you decide to do 🙂 x

  6. My son recently noticed his peeper too. The other day he asked me why it’s so big in the morning. I told him it’s because you wake up HAPPY! 🙂

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