Oversharing: Hi, Daddy!

It’s official: my dad has begun reading my blog. This is exciting because the Daddy’s Girl in me wants nothing more than two thumbs up from the guy. This is also terrifying because I intend to continue discussing intimate details of my life, such as bowel movements, and I fear he may never want to … Continue reading

The REAL End of the World

The Mayans were wrong. Y2K was wrong. But you know who’s right? ME. And this is how I know that the end is imminent: 1. My baby brother offered to do my grocery shopping today. I wasn’t diagnosed with something terminal and he didn’t ask for anything in return, so, yeah. 2. Both–count’em: 1, 2–of … Continue reading

Oversharing. I Ain’t Scarrred.

I took my dogs to the vet when I was hugely pregnant with my daughter, and the doc, who is a native New Jersey gal, remarked that I don’t fit in with my quiet country venue; I was “so a Jersey girl.” I didn’t know if it was because I was hormonal and angry and … Continue reading

Are You There God? It’s Me, Zachary.

You know how sometimes it seems like the world is going to shit? 2012 certainly provided ample reminders of just how shitty shit can be. And as much as I wanted to blame the stupid Mayans, I found myself angry with God instead. An exhaustive list of the things that kept me in my pissy … Continue reading

Man Makeover

Christmastime is magical for many reasons; one of which is the holiday break from work. In what little spare time said break actually afforded, I’ve tried to upgrade and personalize my blog. You like?! I’ve also been thinking about how to upgrade and personalize other aspects of my life, namely the toy room because DANG … Continue reading

Pa rum pum pum pum

I’m very fortunate in that I have amazing in-laws. They’re kind, supportive, and understanding; they accept me and all of my many flaws annoying habits quirks. They raised one heck of a man who I get to call my husband, and they don’t override my parenting decisions, even though some could probably use a little grandparent-TLC. … Continue reading