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Birth Story: Andrew

Rebecca’s story is inspiring on so many levels: she stayed calm when others would have panicked; she rolled with the punches when she had to deliver her first baby early; and she remained grateful and faithful through it all. Her little guy didn’t come into the world how or when she expected, but, as mothers … Continue reading

Birth Story: Presley

Thank you to amazing Mama, Shauna, for sharing her experience! I love Shauna’s sense of humor and the fact that she let nothing stand in the way of getting what she wanted: a beautiful, healthy baby! Happy Friday, everyone 🙂 _________________________________________________________________________   All of my life I dreamt of having a large family. I have … Continue reading

Birth Story: Brady

I am thrilled at the response I’ve received in such a short amount of time about the birth stories series! So many amazing women have already contacted me about wanting to share and some have already sent their stories! Whoo hoo! I’ll get the ball rolling by sharing my experience with my son, Brady. ___________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading