Let’s Get Nuts

I find it very amusing (so much so that I giggle to myself on the regular) how drastically life has changed since I popped out 2 kids. I anticipated feeling “changed” after I got married, but nope, nothing. Except for my last name and the feeling of obligation to give the hubby a heads up if I want to spend $100+, things pretty much remained the same.

And then THEY came:

This picture makes my heart so happy!


Before them, living on the edge used to mean taking chances–bungee jumping, skydiving, and other crazy things I’ve honestly never done but would have at least considered (probably not) before having kids. Or at the very least, having 1 too many glasses of wine and drunk dialing old boyfriends.

Living on the edge meant owning 46 pairs of heels just because I could. Living on the edge meant risking a new do-it-yourself-hair color because reddish-purple was an appropriate hue for a young gal with no children. I’ve always been somewhat of a party animal. Try to keep up.

This morning, I saw an opportunity to recapture some of my crazy youth and I seized it:

Things are gettin’ crazy around here.

Yeah, that’s right: an open basement door that, for the past 3 years, has served as a familial Mason-Dixon Line for the sole purpose of tiny people’s safety. But not today. I resisted my initial instinct to sprint to it and throw my body across the threshold while warning, “THE DOOR IS AJAR!!!!!!!!!” Nope. I saw that the bad boy was open and I said to myself, “Self, live large today. Go nuts. Shake what your mama gave ya. Carpe effin’ diem. Leave it OPEN.”

And because the kids are with grandma today I’m a bad ass who gets her kicks from taking risks, that door will remain open until the kids come home indefinitely.

Go big or go home I always say.

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